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canoes & kayaks for Sale


We have several used Kayaks for sale:

Used kayak ready for water- $225 or Used kayak needing some repair- $100 (and our staff will show you how to repair.)

Kayak sample


We have a few Canoes left to sell.  Priced from $200-$450




Discovery 158 Canoe

A recreational canoe made tough, rugged, and unsinkable, thanks to the three-layer process.  They are made to perform, agile, stable, and easy to handle.  It is 15'8" long, 35.5" wide, weights 80 lbs. and has a load range from 1,100 to 1,150 lbs.  Suggested retail is $889.


Loon 111 Kayak

 A family favorite for more than 10 years, the Loon 111 is the boat that launched the recreational kayaking trend.  It is designed to fill the need for a small kayak that will paddle easily and still have some carrying capacity.  With its oversized cockpit there is plenty of room for gear access, or even a tail-wagging paddling partner.  With solid stability and good tracking all packed into a 11'1" kayak, the 111 is ideal for exploring the shores of lakes and ponds as well as casual river paddling.  It weighs 45 pounds, and has a capacity of 275 pounds.  Suggested retail is $589.

Please call us at (540) 289-4066 to make an appointment to see some of these boats that are for sale.

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